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The HOPE Organization was a non-profit group dedicated to assisting survivors of abuse
within polygamous relationships on their courageous journey to personal freedom.
For 9 years HOPE was a St. George, Utah based 501(c)(3) charity providing assistance to individuals and families to safely transition from a polygamous lifestyle into mainstream society.  In March 2013 our board of directors decided to close The HOPE Organization for victim assistance and advocacy, but to keep our web site on the Internet as an historical research tool to educate the public on issues concerning the Hildale, Colorado City and Centennial Park polygamous groups (which originated on the Utah/Arizona border) and their offshoot communites in other areas of the US and Canada.  This web site will not be updated past March 2013.

HOPE's purpose was to offer support, protection, assistance, choices, opportunities and hope for the women, children and young adults who have been kicked out or have chosen to leave this culture.   Sadly, too many women and children live under immense control, oppression and fear of eternal damnation; and they are caught in the cycle of abuse without a choice or a voice . . . We worked to empower them!

Rulon Jeffs' wives, sisters Edna and Mary.
Former FLDS Prophet Rulon Jeffs at the age of 90 posing with 2 of his new brides, sisters Edna and Mary.

  • We were just ordinary citizens who shared a common concern for the welfare and safety of the women and children living in polygamy.

  • We were advocates working to make a difference in the lives of the women and children who are often living in intellectual, social and physical isolation.

  • We are still informing the general public about the allegations of physical, psychological, sexual, and financial abuses occurring within the polygamous communities.

  • These abuses MUST stop; "Religion" is no excuse for committing child abuse!
We strived to help victims overcome the physical, sexual, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and educational abuses that too often occur while living in a polygamous environment.

We were not activists against polygamy.  Although polygamy is illegal, our efforts were not spent trying to eliminate it, but instead spent helping its victims.  We were advocates for victims of abuse within polygamy such as: displaced youth who are often cast away like unwanted pets; "placement marriage" victims; and "child bride" marriage victims.

The HOPE Organization directly provided and/or assisted in obtaining such basic necessities as food, clothing, housing, household furnishings, education, employment, transportation, legal assistance, emotional and financial support, mentoring and counseling. We also refered to other social service providers for additional resources.

Please read some of the true stories of the brave men, women and children who have escaped the abusive conditions prevalent in the secretive "closed" polygamous communities of southern Utah and the Arizona Strip.   Some have been forced out, some have been evicted out and some have found the courage to run away.

Read the "Current Events" and "Media Archives" news articles and the "Historical Background" section for in-depth details on the atrocities being committed under the guise of religion in these polygamous communities.

Then visit our "Speak Out" section for links to the Government Officials of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Idaho, Nevada and British Columbia, Canada. There, you can contact them requesting that they help enforce the laws that are being broken "In the Name of God".

The HOPE Organization was run by non-salaried, dedicated volunteers, whose goal was to help people desiring to leave the environment of polygamy and succeed in the "outside world."
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NO names or addresses of our donors are EVER shared outside the organization.
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"Religion" is no excuse for committing child abuse
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