Great Southern Bank’s new lending reach record levels

“For almost half of our applications, it’s now under 48 hours,” Lewis said. “We expect the foundations and systems we’ve put in place will be a key enabler for growth over the years to come.”

The addition of aggregators SFG, Loan Market and Lendi Group over recent months meant the number of brokers in Great Southern Bank’s network had expanded to 5,100. This was almost double the previous number, the bank said.

Strong growth was made possible by the bank’s “absolute commitment” and focus on the bank’s purpose, Lewis said.

“Against a backdrop of high house prices and rising interest rates, we are continuing to help more Australians find alternative paths to home ownership, including first home buyers and single parents who may have historically found it difficult to get on to the property ladder,” Lewis said.

A Roy Morgan Consumer Banking June 2022 Australia report showed that, compared to the four major banks (77.4%), the mutual sector had the highest customer satisfaction, at 91.6% overall.